Je suis la--finally!

Dear Friends,

I have decided that it is time to come back to blogging. I had taken a hiatus because I was not spending enough time to find content worthy of posting. My computer has now been rehabbed to make that process easier.

Secondly, I was afraid of my online life mixing with my professional role as an educator, not wanting my students to discover this part of me. The internet does not forget. But those lines have since blurred, and I am not as concerned about it.

I recently started working on some lists of short-term changes and longterm milestones. My paper included many things I want to build (yoga, learning how to sleep, practicing etudes again, writing and morning time, running, breathing deeply, smiling more, real friendships) and eliminate (too much driving, work that sucks me dry, running injuries, shrinking away from being honest). And I realized that I want to return to building on this story again in order to help make sense of the world and the changes that keeping coming about... and to come back to something I enjoy.

I am not sure what form it might take in the future, but I am thankful you stopped by again.

All my love,

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  1. YAYAYAYAYAY!!! you are back!!! I am so glad to see it!!!