with this suit, I thee wed

The sweetest, nerdiest wedding suit!

Graphic designer Nick Reeve lined his wedding suit with the text of all the messages he and his future wife had sent each other via the dating site where they met.

Reeve is the Creative Head for the Clarks Shoes in-house creative studio in Somerset. He met his future wife, Jen, three years ago on the dating site Match Affinity. "We spent a lot of time messaging each other and it became apparent very early on that we got on. After a week or so we met on a date and two years later we got engaged," Reeve says.

For his wedding suit, Reeve wanted to do something special that reflected the way their relationship had developed and came up with the idea of documenting the messages they had sent one another through Match Affinity while getting to know each other. "I wanted to do something meaningful but not overly sentimental or slushy," he says. "Thankfully internet dating isn’t the taboo that it once was and I wanted to celebrate the fact that by the time of our first date we knew a lot about each other. Our messages were about ourselves, our lives, our jobs; they weren’t particularly flirtatious - just two people getting to know each other."
"I approached Marc Wallace, a tailor who works out of Bath and London, about a made-to-measure suit for our wedding. We got chatting and discovered we both had a passion for design. He mentioned that it was possible to digitally print on silk and that it may be nice to come up with a unique design for the lining of the suit."


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