mighty life list

Thanks to the Mighty Girl and Chookoolonks,
I am inspired to start my own mighty life list
of things I dream about doing
or have done and would like to do again

When I think about it, it mainly has to do with traveling and seeing the world.
I will edit as time marches on, adding more and hopefully making notes when I do get to these things.

Here goes (in no particular order)...

1. Stay connected with all of my siblings, favorite aunts and grandma and my parents regularly
2. Visit B in Alaska
3. Experience the Aurora Borealis in person
4. Be invited to play a chamber music concert with awesome musicians
5. Read 1 book per month cover to cover.
6. Perform Mozart Sinfonia Concertante
7. Become a semi-morning person
8. Learn how to sleep
9. Go camping around Lake Tahoe or in Glacier with one of my brothers
10. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to Victoria by myself or with a good companion
11. Learn how to make my cooking taste like Mom's and Oma's
12. Practice well for 30 days straight
13. Learn crow pose and side plank in yoga
14. Make downward dog comfortable
15. Make time for a sketchbook
16. Have twins
17. Go to Denali
18. Skydive 
19. Trek to a base camp on Everest or anywhere in Nepal
20. Play a concert at the Casa da Music in Porto
21. Experience a weekend in Napa or Sonoma
22. Walk or run on the Great Wall of China
23. Experience the longest day of the year somewhere up north
24. Play the trio version of the Goldberg Variations with Whit and Ahn
25. Learn the Penderecki Cadenza without killing my shoulder
26. Keep my email inbox clean
27. Improve my punctuality on a regular basis
28. Eat sushi and onigiri in Japan
29. Be able to play Mozart comfortably, elegantly and in tune
30. Read 2 Classics per year cover to cover.
31. Play for Tabea Zimmermann again
32. Write thank you cards regularly
33. Have a full-fledged spa date with Ahn
34. Visit Oma, Angi and Claudi this year
35. Go swing dancing again with a regular partner
36. Climb Macchu Picchu
37. Wander through the Redwoods and Sequoias in California
38. Attend a TED conference
39. Learn how to tap dance
40. Make a photojournal of my favorite public libraries
41. Pay my bills on time
42. Read 1 German book per year, cover to cover
43. Get health insurance
44. Spend a day in Angkor Wat
45. Visit San Francisco
46. Take mom to Chez Panisse, the French Laundry, or Moosewood
47. Visit the Golden Temple in Japan
48. Be comfortable in a swimsuit
49. Smile to myself once a day
50. Experience a dogsled
51. Hike in the Canadian Rockies
52. Have a weight-loss challenge with Mom that really works
53. Go to India with Jules 
54. See a floating market in Thailand
55. Paraglide (but parasailing would be awesome too)
56. Sing in a cathedral choir
57. Be able to play all 6 Bach Suites from memory
58. Learn the Violin Sonatas and Partitas
59. Be more accepting of contemporary music
60. Play a professional recital with my siblings
61. Go to the art museum once a month
62. Work on French regularly
63. Figure out my finances
64. Live in a foreign country
65. Take public transportation to work on a regular basis
66. Ride my bike to work or school on a regular basis
67. Go on an orchestra tour
68. Sub in the Cleveland Orchestra
69. Go to Acadia National Park
70. Hike in the Adirondaks
71. Go mountain biking again
72. Read the Shakespearean tragedies
73. Be more forgiving
74. Look at my guilt in the face and legitimately let it go
75. Get into wheel throwing
76. Take an art class
77. Play a concert at an art museum
78. Appreciate Hindemith
79. Play in a top 10 orchestra
80. Be proud of my ricochet stroke
81. Visit my siblings in their place of residence
82. Become a true blue runner with enjoyment
83. Send my nieces and nephew a Valentine's package every year
84. Dance in a flash mob before they are go out of style
85. Play a complete Beethoven quartet cycle.
86. Play the Mozart Dissonance quartet
87. Go swimming in a lake in the rain
88. Learn how to swim as a form of exercise despite monstrous ear infections
89. Be more positive and less critical
90. Develop a daily yoga practice