competition is a fact of life

If you innovate, you will be copied.
It’s like a rites of passage.
If you have a patent, you are more protected.
But it’s not bulletproof.
Dyson had a patent and he got copied by Hoover.
How do they sleep?
They sleep just fine.
They don’t have your code of honour.
It’s dog eat dog for them.
You can be angry.
You can be right.
You can be hurt.
But you won’t change them.
Yes, you have protection like Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights.
All of them afford protection of your way of doing things. All of them are important.
But maybe the best protection is this:

To create a culture of ideas, to never stand still.
That way they will never catch up with you.
And you get to win.

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via {David Hieatt}


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