I have had a soft spot for the Philadelphia Orchestra
ever since their documentary, Music from the Inside Out.
(But truthfully, nothing will trump my loyalty to Cleveland,
although Berlin may come close.)

Roberto Diaz, former Principle Violist in Philadelphia, currently the President of Curtis,
has something valuable things to say regarding a career in music on a non-music platform, big think,
although he could have been a little more explicit and specific.
I thought the same thing of his comments in the masterclass I played in way back when.

But really, those are my thoughts exactly.
I want the stability of an orchestra, opera orchestra or quartet job,
(although stability in a quartet job is somewhat debatable).
But that is definitely not all I want.
My attention span and curiosity is far too limited for only that.

Being compelled as an artist to explore new things: right up my alley.

How to do it? Good question.
But the world is at my fingertips.

That being said, I think it sounds so cute
when the older generation tries to champion social media, as powerful as it is,
trying to embrace the "wave of the future" as much as they can.
Makes me chuckle.

via {big think}
photo via {explore}


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