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Although I am not a business person or a designer, 
I loved this collection of ideas:

Happiness is not a Destination

An idea is not a design,
but it is an invitation to a journey.
A design is not a prototype,
but it is a plan for moving forward.
A prototype is not a program,
but it is a test for your assumptions.
A program is not a product,
but it is a milestone towards progress.
A product is not a business,
but it is the first fruit of an idea.
A business is not profits,
but it is a team behind your back.
Profits is not an exit,
but it is validation of your work.
And an exit is not happiness,
but happiness is not a destination.
Happiness is a journey.
A thoughtful response to Mike Seller’s posting on quora, by Tony Chu, MFA Interaction Design student at SVA.
via {swissmiss} via [bobulate]


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