crown prince

Loved loved loved Copenhagen even in November.
The bikes, the proximity of everything, the apartments,
the sense of design, the cleanliness, the concept of a balanced life,
my best friend. 

May I present to you the royal crown Prince Frederik and the Princess Mary.
Dyno, here is another real life princess.

How Prince Frederik and Princess Mary met:
Something along the lines of:

He was in Austrailia, they met a pub, fell in love (she was not aware that he was a Prince, mind you), he proposed, she accepted, he mentioned the one tiny detail...he was the Crown Prince of Denmark and she would, of course, become a Crown Princess.  She still said yes. (Lifetime movie, anyone?)

In case you wanted to know their names,
they are:
Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John
Princess Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe
Prince Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander 
Princess Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda

Wish I could have 3 middle names!

via {little reminders of love}


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