update... future Fridays

Dear Friends,

I have been conflicted about this platform, not sure where it should go anymore,
aggravated by the burden when I have been so overwhelmed
by so much negativity and bat-sh*t craziness, personally, socially, politically, etc.
(the continuing disaster of 45 anyone?)

Hence, the long silence and some distance.

But I am slowly trying to crawl out of a long hibernation, looking for my voice again,
not sure what the future of this tiny pocket in the big wide world of the WWW is.
I will continue to post here, perhaps not as frequently as I had been trying to.

But I am hoping to post again with ease and willingness, rather than out of obligation
(which is what it had become).

So with that said, this spoken word poetry on education is partially responsible
for the re-emergence of that desire to find my voice.

Thank you for being patient with me!


via {hahh-vahhd's Dept of Ed}


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