oh, what's in a name?

Cooking humor: the best names of the world of patisseries,
aka the simplest of ingredients in butter, milk, sugar, flour, eggs, and fruit, making "light tender morsels that are heavenly."

The eponymous "pets de nonnes" (the farts of nuns).

Other religious references in baking with a sense of humor: nun's sights, nun's peace (paix-de-nonne), angel food cake, cardinal mousse, hermit's food, twelfth-night cake, scripture cake, Christmas cake, Quaker cake, Jerusalem pudding, and devil's food cake.

Other hilarious names of foods:
grunt (cobbler slow cooked on the stove)
cobbler, buckle (enormous cake-sized muffin)
Brown Betty (fruit crisp with breadcrumb topping)
pandowdy (cobbler with an extra crumbly crust)
johnnycake (cornmeal based)
fools (tart fruits with tangy cream)
Platz (that delicate sweet spot between a cake and a pie)
Dutch baby

Across the pond, it is
jammy dodgers
bubble and squeak
rarebit and rumbledethumps
Eton mess (a mess of fruit, meringue, and cream, traditionally served at Eton College's annual cricket match)
toad in the hole
spotted dick
and my personal favorite, "brutti ma buoni" (ugly bug good).

Can you tell, I have finally jumped on the bandwagon of the Great British Baking Show this summer to stave off the summer practicing boredom.

via {smitten kitchen} Thank you, Deb P!
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