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More wonderful words!

A few nice German words to study.
1. LUFTFAHRTORIGAMINIEDERGESCHLAGENHEIT. ( Aviation- Origami-Despondency ) The kind of sadness you feel when the paper plane you have made doesn't fly and crashes on the floor...
2. EINSIEDELEI The melancholy you feel when you are frying an egg for yourself.
( Autumn- Foliage Strike Fun ) The joy of kicking a pile of autumn leaves!
4. LEERTRETUNG (Void Stepping ) Energetically stepping a step that doesn't exist!!
( Dream- Restart- Experience ) Desperately trying to continue the dream you were having just before you woke up!
6. WITZBEHARRSAMKEIT ( Joke- Insistence)
Telling the same joke over and over again until there is no one left in the world who haven't heard it from you:)
7. ERKENNTNISSPAZIERGANG: ( Cognition - Stroll ) Going out, in order to gain deeper insights while walking.
8..EXTRAWURSTTAGSGEFÜHL ( Bonus- Sausage-Day - Feeling ) Feeling yourself on your birthday as if you are someone special.
9. FLUGHAFENBEGRÜSSUNGSFREUDE ( Airport Greeting Joy ) The happiness you feel when you pick up someone at the airport.
10. UNSTERBLICHKEITSTOD ( Immortality- Death ) After your parent's death, realizing that you are actually REALLY gonna die too one day...
11. GESPRÄCHSGEMETZEL ( Conversation- Carnage ) When a conversation goes all wrong without you understanding why exactly.
12. SONNTAGSLEERE ( Sunday- Emptiness) Feeling depressed on Sundays.
13 RINGRICHTERSCHAM ( Boxing- Referee - Shame ) The embarrassment you feel, when you are next to a couple having a fight.
14. HANSWURSTSCHÄTZUNG ( Dunderhead Esteem ) Respecting those who fail in a "conventional" way, rather than those who succeed in an "unconventional way".
15. ABGRUNDANZIEHUNG ( Abyss-Attraction ) Playing with the idea of jumping of a cliff, without necessarily having the intention of killing yourself!

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