truths that are self-evident

This made me think twice and then again. Women's rights are human rights.

37 statements about women, all brought to you by elected officials of the United States government. #weholdthesetruthstobeselfevident is up! Opening is Feb 13th 6-8 at @nylivearts by @nataliegwenfrank and @zoebuckman ...this work is triggering and we are providing a folder of resources for those effected by these statements, along with a list of the full quotes and contexts. #zoebuckman #nataliefrank #mural #oldboysclub

The 37 quotes on the mural are printed over a photo of white men sitting around a conference table — but Buckman and Frank added the subtle image of an odalisque on the room’s mantle. The quotes used in the piece come from Bill Clinton, Mike Huckabee, Jeb Bush, and Ted Kennedy. There are four quotes from current president Donald Trump, as well as several from his cabinet and advisors. Each quote is numbered, and corresponds to a key that explains the context in which is was said, alongside the name and face of the politician who said it.
The quotes are difficult to to read. They’re graphic, and many of them allude to rape being a part of life, or something women make up as an excuse. In the months leading up to the mural’s installment, Buckman shared some of the quotes she and Frank planned to use on Instagram.
She added, “I want this project to start a conversation about responsibility. Particularly in the way we raise our children. I am incredibly concerned right now about the messages the next generation is going to grow up to receive … I really want the conversation to be about accountability and [for] people who aren’t having these conversations to recognize the vastness of these statements and realize how language feeds into actions and ideology.”

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