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Interactive Rainbow Installation Invites Visitors to Explore a Forest of Numbers

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the National Art Center of Tokyo, French architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux was commissioned to transform its 2,000-square-meter exhibition space into an extra special spectacle. Using brightly colored paper cut into numerals, the artist created Forest of Numbers, an imaginative and interactive paper art installation.
The kaleidoscopic exhibition featured 60,000 paper cut-outs. Each piece represented a number from 0 through 9 and was suspended from the ceiling in groups of 4, resulting in 10 floating layers of materialized years. Stunning and symbolic, each layer “visualized the decade of the future from 2017 to 2026, creat[ing] a sense of stillness across the large exhibition space.” Once the 3-dimensional work was installed, a path was carved out, inviting visitors to wander through the walk-through installation and get lost in time.
Forest of Numbers is the 18th installment of Moureaux’s 100 Colors series, a polychromatic collection of large-scale exhibitions that revolve around a 100-tone palette. Other works in this series include Color Mixing, I Am Here, and Bunshi


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