for the love of words... future Fridays

In another life, I'd be a writer.
This made me chuckle, and appealed to my love for how words taste: fake advertisements, or non-commercial commercials. You rock, NPR!

"For a better life, try saying some yummy words.

If you're feeling blue and need a smile, try the fun and fizzy words: schnitzel, papyrus, echinacea, vavavoom!

If winter makes you crave a little warmth, roll the kitchen words around: cardamom, ginger, pepperpot, spice.

Alluring words are always fun, as sensual in your mouth as chocolate truffles: kumquat, redolent, shimmer, dusk.

And don't forget the penny words, small and common: love, thanks, coffee, hello.

Yummy words. Which one will you choose today?"

From Maggie Monaghan of University Place, Wash.

via {npr


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