Habit strap

Here's to a year of better habits.

"Bad habits. No mercy."

In 2009 Phillippa Lally and colleagues from UCL Epidemiology in London researched 96 people and discovered it takes 66 days to create or break habits.

How I came up with the idea? 

I was broke and lonely. My situation seemed hopeless until I heard that we are the sum of our habits. I deducted that mine were bad. The solution? Break the old habits and create good ones like: stop complaining, wake up earlier, keep a gratitude journal, generate ten ideas a day, save money, exercise more, drink less, floss my teeth, write daily, maintain laser sharp focus... The list goes on and on. You know the stuff, right?

The problem?
I sucked at creating positive habits.
I have no willpower, no discipline, and no memory.

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