a daily creative fistfight...in another life

I love this clear representation of the reality of the hard work it takes in the world. I often get lost in dreaming of an easier life, where fewer doors are slammed in my face. But no matter the direction, that element of work is always there.

Perhaps the creativity lies in whether or not it feels like work, or if the work is drudgery or happy effort.

The magic wand store is closed

It's fun to imagine what we'd do if we had a magic wand, something that with a wave, could produce us the introduction, the funding, the open door, the technology, the breakthrough, the insight, the inspiration, the shortcut...
They stopped making magic wands several millennia ago.
Now that you know that there are no magic wands, a better question is probably:
What do you care enough about that you're prepared to expose yourself to fear, risk and hard work to get?
via {seth godin}
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