in another life... future Fridays

Vintage cooking shows: it takes a village! In another life, I would start a Sunday supper club.

"I think a great chef is defined by his ingredients and his team, his ability, his ability to lead, his ability to train, his ability to mentor, his ability to hire, to be able to give his team all the tools that they need to execute at a very high level because, if you have the ingredients and you have the execution, you're going to be a better chef." (Thomas Keller)

Jullia Child touched the lives of many over the course of her television appearances and she put a great deal of effort into her work. Each 30-minute episode of The French Chef required about 19 hours of preparation on Julia’s part. These efforts paid off. During the course of her career, Julia was nominated for eight Emmys and she won three of them. She was also the very first educational television personality in history to receive an Emmy.

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