aging with style

What a heartening approach to getting older. An example of discipline, routine, and grace.

I hope your Sunday is similarly thoughtful!

We have this unusual local pool near my house in that it has actual professional diving boards. 99% of the people who use them are cannonballers and belly floppers like yours truly. But every Sunday at 5pm, like clockwork, 74-year-old Charlie Stewart puts on his black tanktop and shorts and gives us all a show. I had been in the middle of an intense production and editing push for a corporate client, and I was feeling a deep need to do something for art more than commerce. So this is what I did. I'm still learning to be a better shooter, and I could stand to go back for more angles of his diving. But still, it was fun. I hope you like it. (WATCH IN HD!!!)
Oh, and Willie, please don't sue me.

via {eric proulx}
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