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Some days I think that I might not have enough hard edges in me to make it in my chosen career.

But this list by the inimitable Seth Godin provides a distinct a sense of relief.

No matter what the category, I want a job that keeps me soft and open, that encourages resilience and perseverance, that keeps me learning for life.

Music might not be all of those, and I am working on the resilience part.

Widespread confusion about what it takes to be strong
Sometimes we confuse strength with:
  • Loudness
  • Brusqueness
  • An inability to listen
  • A resistance to seeing the world as it is
  • An unwillingness to compromise small things to accomplish big ones
  • Fast talking
  • Bullying
  • External unflappability
  • Callousness
  • Lying
  • Policies instead of judgment
  • ...and being a jerk.
Well, once you put it that way, it's pretty clear that none of these things are actually signs of strength.
In fact, they are symptoms of brittleness, of insecurity and of a willful disconnect from the things that matter.
Individuals, organizations, brands and leaders all have a chance to be strong. And can just easily choose to be jerks.
Because it is a choice, isn't it?
I think it's up to us not to get them confused, and to accidentally trust the wrong behaviors or the wrong people.
Strength begins with unwavering resilience, not brittle aggression.

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