more brilliance, more beauty

I love these commercials!
I could care less about the product.
And who dares to claim that the arts are secondary?

Sony BRAVIAT commercial fills a derelict casino with 4000 glitter balloons--visually stunning.
Filmed in Romania by director Andre Stringer, the ad required 4,000 balloons and 1,500 kilograms of glitter to make, and was filmed using a mix of drones and hand-held video cameras. According to Sony, the accompanying key visuals were shot by high-speed photographer Fabian Oefner who attached a noise sensor to the camera shutter, so that it triggered every time a balloon popped.

Alice Bottaro, creative director at DDB Berlin, added in a statement: "Shooting this commercial required weeks of preparation and a lot of effort from special effects and production design partners. Glitter is a very challenging element to work with, even more so because we wanted to show the particles in all their detail and brilliance."

via {swiss miss}
via {creativity online}


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