"but surely she has rhythm inside her"

I have watched this several times over the last few days. I can't get enough (and I didn't even realize it had gone viral)--I love her spirit, spark, and spunk!
In 'Soy Yo' Video, Bomba Est√©reo Pays Tribute To 'What's Inside Of You' 
September 18, 2016
"I don't know," Mejia says, "but surely she has a rhythm inside her."

On the performance by Gonzalez, who is of both Peruvian and Costa Rican descent
She represents a whole community who are immigrants living in a foreign country, so she's representing what's happening in the world. We have lots of immigration issues in the states — that is, people coming from poorest countries to developed countries. This reflects a whole cultural and social situation.
For example, in Colombia, we were making this whole campaign around the song. We were having big issues in the schools around bullying; recently a small kid was gay, and he was having so much bullying in the school that he committed suicide.

So we're trying to empower people to feel that it doesn't matter if you're different or if you're from one country or the other or you're black or you're white or you're gay. What's important is what's inside of you, and you have to fight for that. I think the video brings this message along.

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