plans for tonight... in another life, future Fridays

Plan to stay awake and hook up that caffeine IV. There is debris from the previous millennium.
In another life, I would understand and be thrilled by astro physics. Sadly, those numbers send the spinning beachball spinning for hours in my brain.

Plan on pulling an all-nighter this Thursday if you're looking to witness the biggest meteor shower of the year: the Perseids. 

Lighting up the sky in mid-August every year, the Perseids occur as the Earth intersects with the trail of Comet Swift-Tuttle as debris from the latter impacts the Earth's atmosphere, creating shooting stars. 
And this year, we're in for an extra treat.
Expect the Perseids to be even more special as the Earth will be crossing paths with both current and leftover debris from past orbits of the comet. Experts believe that Thursday's occurrence will contain materials from comet trails that originated in 1862, 1479 and 1079—effectively creating a nearly thousand-year-in-the-making meteor shower.
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