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In another life, I would be a beach librarian.
I am not normally a multi-day beach person.  But with a good book, some shade, and comfortable chair, I wouldn't mind this retirement job.

What a phenomenal idea!

p.s. Welcome to a new series on Fridays, where I daydream about everything I would do if I were something other than a musician. I was inspired by a get-to-know-you question this summer, where I answered a librarian, a Shakespearean actor, or a neuroscientist. What would you do with "your one wild and precious life" if money and time were no object?
Surf. Sand. Library.
Now those are three words that usually don't go together, but there's no reason they shouldn't. Herman Kompernas built a library on the sandy beach of the Bulgarian Black Sea resort of Albena and stocked it with over 2,500 books in 10 languages.
"We found a material that is very resistant to sun and water," Kompernas said to Euronews, "We also found a stabilization method very quickly. We chose a sort of pallet construction for under the library to make it very stable against the wind."
Guests are invited to borrow the books (for free) and leave their own when they go home for others to read.
It has what is probably the most relaxing office in the world.

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