“If you can’t get more than two wears out of it, don’t bring it.”

Although I have had to pack hundreds of times over, it is always the same conundrum: what to bring for x number of days?

This video of packing a backpack for a 3-month trip around the world was inspiring.

It reminded me of my crazy and wonderful brothers and parents: Always pack light.

"I had a few free weeks to prepare for my three month round the world trip. My eyes were set on a backpack: the Patagonia Black Hole 35L pack. I thought it’d be just the right size, water-resistant and carry-on appropriate. When I stopped by the Soho Patagonia store, a friendly fellow named Kyle greeted me. Kyle worked on a boat and spent the off-season working retail as well as doling out welcome advice to newbies like me. When I asked him if he had any packing tips, he paused and chose his next three words very carefully, “moisture wicking underwear.”
I knew I wanted to pack light because my travels involved only a few days in most cities. I’d be on the move through almost two dozen cities. That said, I also needed to prepare for both warm and cold climates since I’d be hitting the Northern and Southern hemispheres. After a few days of research and a few hours of shopping, I whittled down my gear to the 9.2kg (20.5lb) you see above. Here’s what I packed.
via {kiwi monk}


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