unicorns and Noah's Ark

When advertising is good, it's really good.

First we had the Bear, now Canal+ gives us unicorns...
Canal+ has returned today with another instant classic ad, created by BETC Paris, the agency behind its earlier spots including March of the PenguinsThe Bear and The Closet. The new ad features the mix of hilarity and epic drama that we've come to expect from the brand, this time centering on the story of Noah, and his quest to make sure that all animals are present on the ark.
Making the ad led to some unexpected conversations in the agency, according to CCO and President, Stéphane Xiberras, who comments: "The most complicated part of making the film was the kind of epic discussions we had about what a pair of unicorn balls actually look like, because no one has ever seen them. We thought of putting stars there, or little furry things. We ended up opting for a bit of sobriety. Well, a sort of sobriety at least..."


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