the beauty of pen and paper

Angi, as a follow-up on our conversation, I thought you would appreciate this desk.

Gabes, any chance Abe ever is looking for another wood-working project, I wouldn't mind this for my someday house if I ever settle down somewhere.
I love that they left instructions.

Driven by an obsession of how people record and recall memories, MCAD student Kirsten Camara designed the Analog Memory Desk, what could be the ultimate sketching surface. The desk has a built-in mechanism for scrolling 1,100 yards of butcher paper on rolls embedded in its legs, a sort of tablecloth of memory that records months or even years of random ideas, doodles, and coffee rings. The desk isn’t available for purchase, instead Camara released detailed blueprints through a Creative Commons license so you can build your own. 

via {colossal}


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