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Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Happy Valentine’s Day to the Single people and the Married people and the Dating people and the On And Off Again people and the Poly people trying to explain poly to their moms! Happy Valentine’s Day to the Jealous people and the Trying To Be Honest people and the Why Is She Not Texting Me Back people! Happy Valentine’s day to the Not Sure You Are Lovable (you are) and the Worried He’s Out Of Your League (he isn’t). Happy Valentine’s Day to the Heartbroken and the Heartopen and the Heartbrokenopen and the Queer Couple In Nebraska Going On Year 72! Happy Valentine’s Day to The Anarchists Who Hate Corporate Holidays! Happy Valentine’s Day To The People Who Spent Two Hours In The Card Aisle of the Grocery Store (you could write something beautiful yourself…try it next year). Happy Valentine’s Day to the Parents Who Are About To Meet Their Son’s Boyfriend For The First Time (you can do it)!! Happy Valentine’s Day to the Grieving and the Longing and the Certain You Will Not Make It Through (you will make it through). Happy Valentine’s Day to my Mom and Dad, who made me in love, and raised me in love, and had me blushing my face off every time I’d catch them kissing in the kitchen when I was 12 years old. Happy Valentine’s Day to The Tandem Bicycle in my garage, and the muscles I have been building riding it alone. So many muscles! And finally, Happy Valentine’s Day Hollywood!! You Liar!! (But thank you for the movie “The Notebook”) I don’t have a single plan for my life more important than learning to love people well. May we all spend this year taking good care of each other’s sweet sweet hearts. Love to you all. Always and always. xoxoxoxo
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