quatour ebene

One of my top 3 dream performances:
to play with these guys.
NB: Angi, they are playing at the Meistersingerhalle on 2. April!!!

"We can say we are kind of a sextet, or an extendable quartet.
The true ink between all of this is the string quartet,
and our relationship, how we work together,
it is the sound.
How we conceive it.
And finally we find out that working on a Beethoven quartet
or arranging a jazz tune or a song,
we operate the same way.
We question ourselves on the homogeneity, on the sound,
on the musical conduct, on the intensity, on the intentions.
And at the end, it is the same work.
That is what we want to stand up for.
We don't want to raise barriers between musical styles.

It's also an extremely intense internal relationship,
so it's about learning how to live all together in a micro society
where everyone by the force of circumstance puts on a role
and it's a permanent discussion finally to work unanimously.
When one of the fourth is not quite satisfied,
we always try to please him in some way.
So it can take much more time than we first thought.
And it is a real band.

And so cool: the violist is the singer on this

via {melvin kaplan}


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