I have been so aware of the date today, wondering all day where I will be in 4 years. Happier, healthier, wiser, maybe? Employed, with my family, playing music, working towards what I believe in: smiling, forgiving, speaking up, caring, relaxing refusing to compromise, making a ruckus, contributing...

For your Leap day from the wonderful Seth Godin + Google:

Leap year meditation

Once in four years, just once, perhaps we could:
Forgive, forget, relax, care, stand out, speak up, contribute, embrace, create, make a ruckus, give credit, skip, smile, speak truth and refuse to compromise--more than we usually do. Pick just one or two and start there.
Hey, it's just one day.
Careful, though, it might become a habit.

And a quick connection of historical dates and technology:

February 29th is a rare day in the calendar and Google has posted a rare two-in-one doodle to commemorate not only on leap day but also on the 220th birthday of Gioachino Rossini, the Italian composer. The leap years and days are associated with the leaping amphibians, frogs and so is the Google doodle today on the homepage with four frogs.

The image is inspired by the famous comic opera of 1816, The Barber of Seville which is one among the most performed operas of Gioachino Antonio Rossini. Of the four frogs on the image, the one at the piano and the leaping one is the vocalist. Th frog that is getting a shave is Count Almaviva and Figaro is the barber (characters of the play).

The other famous characters created by Rossini are Cinderella (1817), Semiramide (1823) and William Tell (1829). Gioachina Rossini was born in 1792 and imagine how lucky he is as the possibility of a birthday falling on February 29th is 1 in 1461 (days in four years) which is only 0.068%.

via {seth godin} and {gizbot}
photo via {and kathleen}


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