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Another resolution?
Cleaning up my grammatical and spelling errors.
Sadly, I have become aghast at my dependence on auto-correct and spell-check.
In other words, read more, read more carefully, read more quality.
Grammar is after all a sacred virtue of the liberal arts,
oh, you hallowed pieces of the trivium and quadrivium!

I love this idea:

Grammar School of the Day: A school in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, is stirring up some mixed feelings toward a new policy that allows students only five grammatical errors per writing assignment.
“Students and parents were somewhat shocked to hear these changes,” wrote a Summit Christian Academy student reporter. ”The immediate reaction from the student body was that the changes were too harsh.”
Per the new policy, students who have more than five errors will be forced to rewrite their paper, and their top possible score will be capped at 75%.
“We have some who are thrilled and others who are highly concerned because it’s tied to scholarship dollars,” the academy’s prinicipal, Kim Gill, told Romenesko.
“One concession we’ve made is if it’s the same error that’s repeated in the paper, the teacher has the disgression [sic] to say, for example, I’m going to take these five run-on sentences and count them as one error.”
Disgression? See me after class.

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