Recently, I have been reworking my understanding of Bach,
studying facsimiles, listening to recording after recording,
studying Baroque performance practice,
making my way through Leopold Mozart's detailed treatise,
learning a new concept of arm weight, contact point and bow speed,
of harmonic architecture, tuning systems and affects
of tension and release,
of spicy chords that crunch and peaceful notes that breath,
loving every minute of it
and fascinated by this new sound world and historical richness.

And I keep coming back to the concept of water,
remembering Opa's joke
that Bach's name should have been Flut.

So true, Opa, so very true!

Artist: Corey Arnold, Title: The North Sea, 2011 - click for larger image
Corey Arnold  The North Sea, 2011  
30 x 44 Inches  , C-print  

Skip ahead to 1:20 for the beginning of the Sarabande from the 6th Suite


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