simple glassware

I have always loved something about Japanese dishware,
ever since my first forays into pottery.
I still do, one of my all-time favorite stores being Wabi-Sabi in Taos.

Although this designer, Peter Ivy, is not Japanese,
he lives in Toyama with his wife.

He writes the following:
"For me there is also an ironic side to the possibility displaying works there. When I lived in the U.S. I often made the simplest of works for myself to use at home. I never even considered trying to sell them there at that time. It would have been impossible as they were too simple for the general market. When I came to Japan I recognized quickly that there was a fit between my own sensibility as a maker and the culture here. I also felt a great curiosity about the sensibility of hand made items in Japan that I had not discovered in in the U.S. If indeed my work does end up being displayed in the U.S. I really enjoy the idea of it being within the context of "things Japanese."

If ever I had unlimited funds, this would be my kitchen in a heartbeat.

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