chocolate craving

One of my hardest pieces of sweets I am giving up in my year of conscious intentions
has been that luscious, creamy goodness called chocolate.
I have no problem refraining from alcohol, chips, meat.
Cheese and ice cream are a little harder, but nothing is as lust-inducing as German milk chocolate.
I have limited myself to 2 pieces per day, and am no longer purchasing it at the grocery store.
My next step is to change my daily intake to a weekly occurrence.
Oh the joys of self-discipline and will power!

oh Joy! has thankfully provided me with visual stimulation to help wean myself.

Ah, how sweet!

...from chocolate pencils:

to these beautiful chocolate mendiants by Eclat Chocolate 
with the beautiful textures and patterns pressed into each disk:


to the best name ever for a chocolate company: the chocolate research company in Singapore

via oh Joy! posts {here, here, and here}


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