pj's and family

I love this idea for cousins at a reunion, 
and the blogger's words about extended families and reunions. 
Exactly how I feel about my favorite munchkins whenever I see them!
I can't wait until I can do it for future cousins...
hopefully not too far away in the distance!

One of my favorite things we did for our reunion last year was make matching pajama bottoms for all the cousins. I always love seeing the cousins all together, but it's especially cute when they all match. We had each kid bring a white t-shirt they already had, just to keep things easy.

Family reunions are great. Spending time with our extended family reminds my kids that there is a larger group of people that love them (aunts, uncles, cousins) beyond just their immediate family. I want them to know that we're going through life together, as a group. I think they really feel that at the reunions (and matching pajamas seem to help!).

via {inchmarkTop photo by Francesco Lagnese, for Martha Stewart Living


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