love lists

This was so touching.
What would you write on your love list?
To whom would you write a love list?
What do your list items say about what you value?

List by Eero Saarinen of Aline Bernstein’s good qualities ca. 1954. Courtesy Princeton Architectural Press, all rights reserved.
"I live to make lists; daily to do lists, five year planning lists, lists of road trips to house museums, lists of blog posts I want to write, lists of the things I love about my husband.  So imagine my delight in discovering an amazing exhibition of artists’ lists – from packing lists to love letters, lists of paint brushes to lists of contacts – curated by Archives of American Art manuscript archivist Liza Kirwin. The show is currently in New York at the Morgan Library and I encourage everyone to go see it. For those of you unable to see the Lists the catalogue is a treasure trove with every list giving a delicious sliver of insight into the life of each artist. [This] list, from Eero Saarinen to Aline Bernstein (New York Times art editor and his soon-to-be second wife), is wonderfully romantic and personal.   I love that he uses numerals (so formal!) for such a personal list and that the list is bursting off the page."
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