liberal arts in hollywood?

Here are some interesting excerpts from an interview
with Hollywood director, Norman Buckley.
Who knew that the liberal arts would be espoused 
by such a creator of low-brow Americana
like the O.C. and Gossip Girl?

Interviewer: What one piece of advice would you give a teen who wants to be a director like you?
NORMAN: I encourage anyone who wants to work in any aspect of film to immerse themselves in literature, art and music — all of them are disciplines that have a great influence on film work.  The filmmakers that interest me the least are those who only reference other films, instead of the whole body of the liberal arts.
I am a big believer in the philosophy that we should aspire to be the watcher, not the thing that is watched.  The best directors and actors and writers are those that are more interested in observing others–they are more focused on learning about others, making others comfortable.  They do not worry what other people think of them, because that is the road to self-consciousness, which can spoil a performance or a creative work.  Over the years, as I’ve become more courageous about being myself, my ability to be an effective listener has increased, as well as my ability to understand nuance, allusion, and that which is between the lines.  These are values that are essential in any creative work.
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