homespun comfort

I was recently looking for some rough linen,
and ran across this website.
I had to post it for you, Mom,
it must be just exactly up your alley.
So yummy!


HeritageThere are so many influences on Rough Linen.
I have always wanted to recreate the linens from my grandmother’s house in Scotland and from vintage textiles I found in France.  It took years of searching to discover the traditionally woven coarse linen fabric I use in my range of bedding.

Natural FabricsI have always gravitated to natural fabrics: wool, cotton, linen. For years I lived near Ian Mankin’s iconic shop in Primrose Hill in London and loved every fabric he stocked, including a double-width linen sheeting now sadly discontinued. Ian’s natural weaves and stripes are timeless.
Beautiful MaterialsWorking with beautiful materials has simplified my taste and complicated my life, because I am always looking for the definitive texture, or weave, or color. When I found this linen I recognized its beauty immediately, and as I work with it I appreciate its virtues more and more: easy care, relative stability, strength, straight grain, wonderful texture.

You know those signs in France, 'le patron mange ici'? Well, la patronne dort ici: I don't just stand by my product, I sleep in it...

My duvet: an Orkney Rough Linen Queen.
My pillow: Smooth White Pillow Slip
Behind me: an American Orkney Sham
My sheet is, of course: a Smooth White Linen sheet
Can you fall in love with a duvet?


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