plank hike

I have posted about this hike before in pictures only. 
Here it is in video form. 

It is eerily similar to the feeling I get sometimes
--I take that back: a feeling I get all the time--
about the work, determination and luck it takes
to get a job as a musician,
with a healthy side of not looking down. 

All I can say is
absolutely overwhelming in so very many ways,
a word whose etymological origins are
"to submerge completely as in a boat that is overset by wave."
Yeah, that describes it just about perfectly.

But unlike the guy in the video, I will keep trying. 
So very many times over...
You, my dear friends, are my witnesses.

This is the first day of DMA classes,
my first step in this portion of the journey of getting a better job.

Send me your good thoughts,
I'll need them!

On another note, is the earth not breathtaking?
I never have had much interest in China as a destination.
I would go to Nepal, Thailand, Japan and Cambodia far sooner.
But to have a glimpse of those incredible rocky peaks...?
I would do this in a heartbeat if I had a willing companion.
Somehow experiencing something as other-worldly like this
demands the opportunity of sharing it with someone,
someone as a witness that can attest,
yes, this really does exist.
I am not dreaming.

Any takers?


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