new planner

Nerd alert:
I am continuously smitten by Schreibwaren.
Over and over: it never fails.
Why don't we have an corresponding English word for something so appetizing?
Somehow stationary just don't cut the mustard.
Pens with a multitude of nibs, scratches and colors,
pencils with varying degrees of hardnesses,
pencil etuis for said pens and pencils,
gorgeous, irresistible (but sadly often useless) printed papers,
journals and calendars for various uses.

I just started my new planner I found in Charlottesville to get myself organized
and to combat my every present, daily struggle to stick with my goals.
The clean, empty pages,
the possibility for customizing it just so,
the luxury of time to jot my thoughts, plans and ideas down.

Just look at how appetizing this is,
the perfect mix of simple yet artsy, practical and and a good quality seam.
How could I resist?

Kudos to the Korean graphic design company!
When pressed, I would have guessed Japanese.

Now the real question is if I will stick with it in the thick of heavy-duty school.
Here is one more step towards making this transition a little more bearable.


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