2011 has been a year of setting goals for myself and trying to keep them.
To recap, here are some of the basic ones 
that have evolved in the last 8 months:

1. Sleep: Go to bed earlier than I think I need to in order to accommodate the inevitable "winding down," i.e. putzing around the internet. Turn off the computer sooner rather than later. Note to self: I am much happier and more relaxed when I get more sleep. Remind continuously. 

2. Mental capacity: Read the books I have on my shelf with only the occasional splurge at the bookstore, look for a book at the library and then Amazon first. Read real books. Keep working on French. Focus on listening more intelligently. Ask better questions. Draw more connections, forget less. Consciously limit what I take in. Contemplate the information I do take in visually, aurally, emotionally. Ruminate more, flutter around less.

3. Fitness: Do something active every day, with one day off per week. Currently it is a mix of yoga and running; I would love to add swimming soon if my ear won't hate me. For running: 10k (check!), a half, sprints and bleachers. For yoga: crow pose (check!), forearm stand and hand stand from standing split.

crow: took me 1.5 yrs to find my balance, 
starting with baby crows

forearm stand, precursor to scorpion: 

still working on my facing my fears in this one

standing split to handstand: 
requires all sorts 
of core muscles and arm strength. 

4. Efficiency: Get up in the morning. Do it now. Plan my day ahead of time. Write my goals down. 

5. Communication: more clarity and efficiency. A work email should 5 sentences or shorter. Email back right away, no matter how awkward. Simplify the problem. Tell my loved ones what I think when I think it. Keep writing: blogging, quotes, to do lists, appointments, thoughts and observations.

6. Heart: Be more open to people and possibilities. Get in touch and stay in touch with valuable friends. Visit family as much as possible. Take time for me and my own sanity. Be more picky about my emotional investments. Learn to filter who is worth my time, and who is the equivalent of fast-food on an emotional level.

7. Confidence: Believe in what I can do because I stick with it. Self-discipline as a rule, not an option.

8. Honesty: accept my weaknesses in order to diminish their hold. Strive to be the kind of person I would want as a friend. Always discover more ease, more freedom, more elegance, more breath: sprezzatura

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