food choices

As I have come home and am finally in control of what I eat,
I am on the warpath to getting my weight under control
so that I will finally stop obsessing about it.
I find myself as happy as a clam to have the luxury of shopping,
planning my meals,
although making the better choice is not always easy.

I have discovered the following recently:

  • I can only eat small portions of cheese to avoid volcanoes in my stomach
  • No matter how much I lust after ice cream, I will always pay for it in the near and long term future. Sorbet from now on.
  • There is no harm in eating half of my plate and saving the rest for leftovers
  • Hearty breakfasts of real food are a perfect treat after a morning workout
  • Thirst often masquerades as snacking tendencies: drink water first
  • I am fully entitled to throwing away empty, nutrition-less calories
  • Spy out the hidden sugars by reading the label
  • Look for the simplest nutrition facts
  • No more candy
  • Freshest is best
  • Invest in fruits and vegetables

Living with a vegan this summer was incredibly thought-provoking. 
Not only are her dietary-restrictions very limiting for everyone around her, 
hearing her talk about it ad nauseum makes me wonder
about guilt, nutrition, life-style choices, 
and the effects of our attitude choices on our general contentment.
We bonded over Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution together,
a mind-boggling report about the state of food, politics and obesity
in American schools.

Growing up with someone as conscientious as my mother and my grandmother, 
I cannot help but be so incredibly grateful for such a wholesome upbringing. 
Whole grains and Inca breakfasts, 
al dente vegetables and vitamins under the peel,
no soda or chips in the grocery cart, 
trying things once is ok, and everything in moderation,
homemade is better, 
eating out is a special treat, 
dinner is a family affair where we sit down together and partake in civilized discourse, 
food is best enjoyed among friends and loved ones, 
everything cooked with love automatically tastes better...


I am amazed at how differently most Americans live.

I cannot remember where I found this, but this sums just about sums it up:

"Food goes to the stomach, 
but it can also activate the brain 
and can rouse strong memories and emotions."

The eight points are:
- the senses
- nature
- culture
- society
- technique
- psychology
- science
- action

I can only hope to have the same for my family someday. 


Mille, mille grazie, Mom and Oma!

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  1. i LOVE this post! just yesterday i threw out half a piece of cheesecake bcs i wasn't enjoying it (anymore) and no one else would either... weird, how guilty i felt over that one. And i love how you summed up so much of what mom and oma strove/strive for - and what i (in many ways unconsciously) do too - nice to bring it from unconsciously to a definite goal:) (although we'll be waiting years for the "civilized" discourse to be kicking in...)