kids and museums

I liked this mother's creativity in exposing her kids to the Met.
Whoever said you had to look at everything?
Pick one thing, and approach it from a new perspective. 
Heck, it made me look at it differently too.

1. Spotlighted an Artist: I introduced the kids to Chuck Close. I asked them to make the same faces as the people in the portraits. Of course Owen wanted nothing to do with my art lesson.

 On my walk to the Met today, I realized there might be some interesting art on the life of Jesus. I wasn't expecting a gallery specifically created for Easter, but I was hoping to find paintings depicting the historical life of Christ. I was directed to the Medieval Art rooms. Here I found gorgeous art with a sense of reverence for his life.  I had never been to this section of the Met. It was beautiful and my kids seemed to enjoy it. Ella and I spent most of the time explaining the paintings to the boys somewhat inaccurately. We could have used Rob or at least a Bible.

Everything is cooler with binoculars. Even landscape paintings.


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