potty training

Hey there, 
my favorite JMeister,
Keep up the good work on the froggy potty
even it is 1 tsp for every Ipod game in 5 min. intervals. 
I'm rootin' for ya all the way!
Love you times a million!


  1. 3 successful poops today!!! and 2 of those unprompted:) not holding my breath after yesterday's stinky disappointments but still... that is 3 poop-smeared bottoms avoided today, a happy thought indeed. btw you should see him eat his 1/2 of a pb&j. first he just picks and nibbles for about 15 min, then abe threatens to eat every last segment of the orange and then he stuffs the whole thing in his mouth in about 2 bites, looking like he will choke the whole time. of course, it takes him another 10 min to chew but still...hope your day (and practicing!) is going well...